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Focused management software to align your entire organization

As a winery, you have a lot on your mind. Cellar provides wineries with Point of Sale, Wine Club, CRM and an eCommerce system that combine seamlessly. Our cloud-based tools let you focus on what matters most — creating better experiences for your customers and staying connected to your business.



With a fully automated system, you can engage new subscribers, track sales, and send out wine shipment emails without needing multiple services.


Combine your online sales and inventory management system. Know when and where your product is selling and track sales conversions all in one place.

Management Oversight

A central hub for your business’s records and reports, housing data about inventory, production, and sales activities that can then be used to run your winery.


Cellar also seamlessly connects to your Quickbooks accounts to keep your sales, expenses, and batch reporting aligned across your entire business.


We take a solution-driven approach to POS and offer flexible options for you to track inventory and provide detailed reporting.


You’ll also gain access to tools that help you effectively communicate with your customers, capturing interest and building long-lasting relationships.


Manage your inventory across multiple sales channels in one place and get a clear view of your stock levels, sales performance and more.

Open Source API

While we build out more integrations we’ve included API access so you are are able to connect and share the data and insights from Cellar with your other software.


The Cellar platform extends beyond the POS and Ecommerce functions and can offer a unique guest experience to your customers. The Guest Application will allow your guests to curate their own experience.

While enjoying their in-person or virtual experience, they’ll be able to explore your winery and products providing yet another channel for you to convey your unique winery story and stay connected with them.




Your Guest’s individual choices can then be used to direct future experiences or offers based upon their personal preferences.

Management Tools

Cellar helps the entire company align around the customer experience – democratizing access to key insights, customer data and live inventory across the entire retail chain.



Custom Views

Build the reports you need, with your own view templates.


Inventory Control

Manage Inventory across the entire retail network.


Products & Events

Create and bundle products, events, and subscriptions.


Store Manager

Live view of the Tasting Room and Inventory Usage.


Multi-Brand Reports

Roll up management reports across all of your brands or other wineries.


Smart-Room Integration

Cellar hardware installed in your locations to track your headcount and foot traffic trends over time.



QuickBooks integration, Batch reporting, Track timesheets, Integrated merchant services.


Manufacturing Controls

Track costs across the manufacturing process for accuracy and transparency.

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