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Optimize profits through efficiencies created by AI and Cellar. Supports multi-brand organizations all from one dashboard.
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As a winery, you have a lot on your mind. Cellar offers a management platform that seamlessly syncs with your current eCommerce, wine club and CRM software. Let Cellar save you time and money by optimizing critical processes, collecting sales and inventory data across all channels and warehouses, integrating to accounting software, managing your commercial sales, and creating reports for regulatory bodies and management. Our cloud-based tools let you focus on what’s matters most – creating memorable experiences for your customers while staying fully connected to your business.



AI driven staff scheduling
Individual user login/logout Autogenerated time sheets
Integrated directly with accounting.

Commercial Order Management

Create commercial orders directly from Cellar to third-party warehouses.
Independent sales rep portal
Auto Generated sales commission reports.

Wine Makers Dashboard

Track wine production from the grape through to the bottle
Complete wine inventory of all bulk and packaged products.


Cellar processes all sales and inventory data in real-time to create reports for regulatory bodies (Batch and Excise Reports), sales reps, wineshop managers, accountants, and ownership.


Cellar seamlessly connects to your QuickBooks account importing all sales data thereby dramatically reducing bookkeeping time.   


We take a solution-driven approach to POS and offer flexible options for you to track inventory and provide detailed reporting.
Fully integrated merchant services.

Integrated Shipping

Cellar allows you and your customers to get real-time shipping quotes and choose their preferred shipper. Cellar then automatically create shipping labels that print from the order dashboard.


You’ll also gain access to tools that help you effectively communicate with your customers, capturing interest and building long-lasting relationships.


Manage your inventory across multiple sales channels in one place and get a clear view of your stock levels, sales performance and more.


We support direct API integration with leading e-Commerce platforms to seamlessly synchronize your data with Cellar’s powerful features.



The Cellar platform extends beyond the POS and Ecommerce functions and can offer a unique guest experience to your customers. The Guest Application will allow your guests to curate their own experience.

While enjoying their in-person or virtual experience, they’ll be able to explore your winery and products providing yet another channel for you to convey your unique winery story and stay connected with them.


Your Guest’s individual choices can then be used to direct future experiences or offers based upon their personal preferences.

Management Tools

Cellar helps the entire company align around the customer experience – democratizing access to key insights, customer data and live inventory across the entire retail chain.



Custom Views

Build the reports you need, with your own view templates.


Inventory Control

Manage Inventory across the entire retail network.

Real-time inventory at a glance.

Complete quick inventory counts from any device.


Products & Events

Create and bundle products, events, and subscriptions.


Store Manager

Live view of the Tasting Room and Inventory Usage.

Track tasting samples vrs sales.

Any staff member can complete tasting room inventories.


Multi-Brand Reports

Roll up management reports across all of your brands or other wineries.



QuickBooks integration, Batch reporting, Track timesheets, Integrated merchant services.

Batch and Excise reporting.


Manufacturing Controls

Track costs across the manufacturing process for accuracy and transparency.

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